Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scared of my own Shadow

To say Max is skiddish is an understatement. He likes to bark and even growl at people as he sees them pass by the house. He's indoors so I don't think anyone even sees that he is here. He likes to think he is top dog, but we know that most of the time he's scared of his own shadow.

This morning I was running the vacuum cleaner and you would have thought I had a monster in the room.

Max: What is that terrible noise?

Me: It's just the vacuum. I have to keep the carpet clean.

Max: It's a monster! Get it away from me!! (as he jumps up on the couch)

Me: Oh Max calm down. I will be done in just a minute.

Max: I'm getting out of here! (dashes down the hallway)

Needless to say, with that he was gone and didn't come back til I was completely finished. Maybe he will learn to be less skiddish the longer he is with us... we shall see.